Offshore Medical Billing Companies

Top 5 Offshore Medical Billing Companies Reviews

With the advent of technology, the healthcare industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years. Technology has been decisive in improving the health system in the U.S. With the increase in the demand for reasonable care among patients, the growth in the industry has been unprecedented. As a result, medical billing providers and companies have come under immense pressure to ensure error-free medical billing claims.

The process further becomes more challenging when there are regular updates ad changes to the medical billing, coding, and regulations. Hence, outsourcing offshore medical billing has become the norm to provide the best care to the patients while ensuring there is no revenue loss for the procedures provided to the patients.

Let’s have a look at the top offshore medical billing companies’ reviews:

Different Medical Billing Systems

There is a need to be aware of the different medical billing systems, especially when an offshore medical billing company in India is outsourced. The primary systems for medical billing and coding include:

Closed System

Any practice that requires focusing on a single practice without allowing the transfer of files falls under a closed system. The closed system is often used with the EMRs and doesn’t provide any access to collaboration with other healthcare facilities of doctors.

Open System

The open system enables all healthcare reports to be transferred across different healthcare facilities, practices, and professionals. This means the practice needs medical billing software that supports the open system to enable effective communication and collaboration. However, not all software can function or allow open systems.

Isolated System

The isolated system uses the personal health records (PHR) that the patients hold and is entirely removed from the practices, healthcare facilities, and other physicians. While these records cannot replace the EHR or EMRs, they must be used separately. Often, not understanding an isolated billing system can be complex.

Offshore Medical Billing Companies Reviews


Kareo entered the healthcare software industry in 2004 with the goal of revolutionizing how independent practices managed their businesses. They now help over 150,000 users provide better care to their patients.

The Kareo Platform contains the software that:

  1. Provides an integrated and certified cloud-based EHR
  2. Assist with in-house billing and patient management
  3. Promotes patient engagement and helps your practice grow; and
  4. Results in the increased and faster collection

Dr Chrono

dr. Chrono’s technology assists medical practices in providing personalized care to their patients. They’ve been assisting healthcare organizations in removing administrative barriers since 2009. They now serve over 17 million patients and have tens of thousands of clients.

Among their solutions are:

  1. Direct claim creation from treatment entries and health records
  2. Duplication elimination
  3. Enhances the accuracy and speed of the claims billing process


Since 1999, AdvancedMD has been at the forefront of healthcare technology solutions. Their software helps process approximately 6.5 million insurance claims per year. Not surprising, given their 13,000+ medical practice clients.

The features of AdvancedMD software include the following:

  1. Medical billing
  2. Online scheduling and patient intake
  3. Charting and billing tools
  4. ePrescribing
  5. A self-service patient portal


CureMD helps medical organizations of all sizes. Through advanced technology, their solutions can transform your clinical and administrative operations. It also ensures that you are complying with industry best practices and standards. CureMD’s all-inclusive solutions enable you to monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to increase revenue while tracking administrative tasks such as:

  1. Patient statements
  2. Management reports
  3. Fee schedule reviews
  4. Cash posting
  5. Charge entry

Info Hub – Offshore Medical Billing Company in India

Info Hub is another offshore medical billing company with over 200 expert billers and coders in one team. They successfully handle over 400,000 claims monthly, with over 800,000,000 AR every month. Their entire team of billers and coders work by understanding the practice, the specialties the healthcare facility offers, and the medical billing practices that would suit the requirement.

Info Hub offers:

  • A one-stop solution to all medical billing and coding requirements
  • Equipped with the latest software while being HIPAA compliant

Once all the offshore medical billing companies are reviewed, select the best option available per your practice requirements and patients’ needs. You can also contact the experts of Info Hub at +1 (888) 694-8634 to get a free consultation regarding your doubts.