Top Offshore ASC Medical Billing Company | InfoHub Thu, 29 Sep 2022 11:37:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Top Offshore ASC Medical Billing Company | InfoHub 32 32 Is Outsourcing your ASC Billing Secure? Thu, 01 Sep 2022 13:25:31 +0000 Outsourcing Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) as a medical billing service can aid an healthcare provider by simplifying numerous complexities and obstacles arising during the entire course of the procedure. It can also result in incurring an elevated rate of interest for the organization.

It not only qualifies the medical billing companies situated in the US with ambient profitability but also numerous benefits.

Ambulatory Surgical Center needs thorough specificity and specialty-based nuances during the period of the claim while processing them as per the convenience of the insurance payor. This makes the entire procedure very cumbersome and arduous to be managed  In-house. However, before we proceed further, understanding the basic structure of billing under ASC and what are the challenges and benefits surrounding it should also be observed.

What is an ASC?

Ambulatory Surgical Centersare those organizations providing outpatient Surgical Services as a part of a hospital, or medical group. As per CMS, only certain surgical procedures can be managed within an ASC setup. By distinctively specifying the procedure, CMS and Medicare protocols have made ASC a contrast from the other specialties. This can also be a reason behind such intricate complexity within the ASC setup. 

Retaining any highly able ASC billers and coders can become tenacious within the current staffing due to the ongoing pandemic. Inexperienced staff will have an adverse effect on your revenue cycle management.  Outsourcing will open the door to a qualified team of experts that will help your organization deal with times of uncertainty. Outsourcing ASC billing can turn out to be extremely beneficial in many ways, some have been listed below:

Skillful handling of claims 

Understanding every minute detail is essential to handling clientele claims skillfully. Every claim differs in nature and specifically handling each claim can be an arduous task for an in-house organization. Therefore, outsourcing experts can turn out to be a massive boon. 

Handling claim complexities with ease

Thorough approach with the insurance carriers by knowing how to deal with complexities arising within claim procedure such as claim rejections, denials, and underpayments during the close of the claim with maximal remuneration.

Uninterrupted service coverage 

Outsourcing services provide the organization with seamless service without any form of interruption. Unlike in-house billing where any kind of absenteeism and attrition can take an immense toll on the billing process, your outsourced partner will ensure smooth sailing of the entire procedure without letting such minor obstacles be any kind of roadblock.

Elimination of the overhead cost 

By outsourcing a team from outside, the organization wields the power to cut down unrequired overhead costs related to recruiting, hiring, training, upgradation in infrastructure, and technical tools needed during the billing process. The outsourced team acts as an extension to the in-house staff without spending a lump-sum amount.

Stress Free functioning of revenue cycle

The outsourced team has a driven team of professionals and account managers to ensure a well-ordered and stress-less management of the Revenue Cycle having a sole focus on providing the organization with the finest service.

Benefits are also accompanied by challenges. Therefore the discussion of ASC billing can not be fulfilled without mentioning certain drawbacks that accompanies the entire procedure.

  1. Medicare and CMS only allow limited surgical procedures under the ASC setup, this makes the billing and reimbursement procedure from Insurance companies tenacious with various restrictions imposed on the OON coverage.
  2. It has also been made mandatory that whatever services ASC provides,  they fall under the diagnosis of the Primary Care Physicians (PCP).
  3. Numerous releases of upgradation in the coding guidelines and billing regulations can add up to become an enormous complexity involving the billing and coding for ASC.

These complexities and adversities do not come close to the benefits an outsourced ASC billing provides to its clientele organization. Therefore, onboarding an ASC medical billing partner is far more advantageous than its alternate option. 

Wrapping up

Before drawing out a conclusion for the subject, let us answer the inquiry made in the top most heading that is – ‘ Is outsourcing your ASC billing secure? ‘ The answer to this question is YES it is absolutely secure. By reading through the various benefits ASC billing brings to an organization, it can be easily concluded as the most secured method of ASC billing. 

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Understanding The Complexities Of ASC Billing Fri, 25 Feb 2022 10:01:03 +0000

Info Hub is one of the leading offshore ASC billing companies in India that comes with updated software technology and a thorough understanding of ASC billing to support your workflow. With advancements in medical facilities around the country, the number of Ambulatory Surgical Centers in the United States has nearly equaled the number of hospitals. Despite the fact that the number of outpatient surgeries is increasing by the day, physicians, coders, and insurance companies must continue to adapt their everyday procedures to changes in healthcare reform norms. Profits are at stake as a result of claim denials for ASCs and lower payments.

An understanding of the ASC billing challenges will allow for a smooth workflow, reducing the likelihood of issues showing up when it comes to collecting full reimbursement. ASC billing services offered by Info Hub are a complete solution to minimizing billing errors and maintaining the financial health of the ASC. While ASCs are among the most rapidly expanding medical services today, there are important things to know before making a claim for services delivered through an ASC, unlike physician-surgeon or hospital billing.

For one thing, Medicare has different rules than some insurers, and insurers have various rules about medical necessity, permitted procedures, and other filing requirements. While ASCs are springing up all over to fulfil this new demand, participants must be aware of the inherent complexities of ASC billing. The coding standards used by healthcare insurance companies vary, and new ones are constantly adopted. Here are the top medical billing difficulties and tips for ASCs.

Understanding CMS Requirements

Only ASCs or certain treatments will be reimbursed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). An ASC must meet CMS regulations and establish a contract with the organization in order to be paid for these procedures. The coding criteria for ASCs differ from industry standards. There are numerous bundle modifications and laws that are special to surgery centers. Medicare, for example, mandates physicians whose offices are not in the ASC to use different codes than those whose offices are in the ASC. Understanding typical coding errors is a good place to start when it comes to avoiding them. Billers frequently overlook topics that require extra attention on a claim.

Some codes don’t include any items that are connected to the main procedure. Medical supplies including casts, splints, and surgical bandages, as well as surgeon supervision by an anesthesiologist, may require extra care. To prevent losing compensation, it is advisable to report these items individually. An ASC must grasp the approved list of procedures before committing to surgery. Medicare will not pay for surgery unless CMS determines that the procedure does not pose a significant danger to the patient. Overnight procedures are also not eligible for coverage.

The eligibility standards emerge from these principles –

  1. It is possible that the process will be optional.
  2. It is possible that the operation will be urgent.
  3. In the surgeon’s office, the surgery cannot be performed safely.
  4. It cannot be a life-threatening procedure, such as emergency heart surgery.

One of the most prevalent coding errors is the coding procedures based on their headers rather than the actual surgical report. Many ambulatory surgical centers and other freestanding outpatient clinics prudently wait for the surgeon’s report before billing for what were originally scheduled services, as the final report may note fewer (or different) surgeries. This will almost always result in a denial once it reaches the payer, therefore a coder should always read the entire operative report carefully and investigate any discrepancies.

Some insurance carriers allow an ASC to bill using ICD-10 procedure codes, just like a hospital. An ASC uses a combination of physician and hospital or clinical billing, employing CPT and HCPCS level codes (as do most physicians), and some insurance carriers allow an ASC to bill using ICD-10 procedure codes just like a hospital.

Offshore ASC billing services offer a team of expertise who are well-versed with the nuances of ASC billing, thereby ensuring fewer no errors. Their experience and in-depth knowledge help ASCs gain leverage, and submit error-free claims and increase their revenues

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